Prayer Cards

We love to pray. We believe it is not only a matter of obedience, but it also helps accomplish the primary functions of a Christian believer, to grow in our love for God and our love for others. I have seen God grow my faith over and over again as He called me to pray, I responded with diligent obedience, and He transformed a person’s life or situation (very often my own). So, if God pricks your heart to pray, we would love to help facilitate your diligence. If you give us your physical address, we’ll print and mail you one of these cards. They are the perfect size to slip in your Bible or journal and bring before God every morning. More than that, we’d love your email address and the opportunity to send you regular updates about a particular child or situation. Let us involve you in the work of My Life Matters, even if you cannot participate on-sight.


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