What’s Happening at Southern Middle School? – from Cristina at MLM SMS


Chris instructing at the corn maze.

Last school year, I was given permission, or command, if you will, to dive deeper into one MLM ministry site, Southern Middle School. At first I was a little leery of taking charge of this site. It was an overwhelming task to me, which I suppose was just a sign that I would need God to accomplish anything. Not a bad position to be in, huh?

Since then, I’ve had several different volunteers join me in loving on Southern Middle. Casey (aka Husband) has been a faithful volunteer now for over a year. It’s been encouraging to know I always have someone along with me who loves those kids and loves God! This year, volunteer Chris has also come alongside us and is helping every other week at our morning club, and got to go on our field trip to the corn maze. Bekah, who already serves youth in her local church, was looking for a way to be at the schools more, and God brought her around at the beginning of this school year, just in time to introduce her to Southern Middle, so that when Baby A makes her arrival, the transition of leadership will be seamless.

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With Bekah on our team this year, I’ve had renewed excitement to be at Southern, because Bekah reminds me often that it’s a privilege to be there, and that it’s so neat to be able to connect with students in the mornings, at lunches, at athletic events, and on field trips. She’s reminded me to take advantage of each moment. That encourages me as I take a step back from leading this site, and allow Bekah to step into that role as Volunteer Site Director.

When Baby A gets here, I’ll no longer be on staff with My Life Matters. Queue the tears (mine, anyway). This is such a bittersweet thing for me. Of course, I am SO excited to be welcoming Baby here and taking care of her during my days, but I’ve come to seriously LOVE these crazy middle schoolers, the teachers, the staff, the volunteers, and the parents. But I know I’m leaving it in good hands, with Bekah, and our great team of volunteers with the SMS and the Warehouse Middle School Club on Tuesday afternoons. And, let’s be honest, there’s no way I can stay away for forever. I love Jesus, and I love what He’s doing through this ministry. So, don’t worry, you can’t get rid of me. Queue scary laughter.

I’d love to tell you about each student we know at Southern Middle. About the group of 8th grade girls who we’ve known for 3 years now, and how much we are going to miss them when they go to high school! About our new fun group of 6th grade boys, and how, ahem, lively, they are. About the group of 4 cousins who always beat us to school on Thursday mornings for club. About the 6th grade girl who just gave her life to Jesus at our Warehouse club. I’d love to tell you about each student, but time would fail me. So, I’ll leave you with this:

Pray. Pray for a specific student (email me at cristinawadams@gmail.com, or Middle School director Mark Pickrel at markpickrel@gmail.com for info on a specific student you can be praying for). Pray for our SMS site as we walk through the book of Proverbs on Thursday mornings. Pray for Bekah as she leads this site next semester.

Give. Give to MLM with “SMS” in the memo line or CLICK HERE, and help fund morning club and field trips. Or, just give to MLM’s general budget CLICK HERE and this will help every club, including SMS.

Serve. There’s always need for more caring adults to love on students. SMS has hundreds of kids, and each of those kids can use a caring adult in their life reminding them that their life matters to God!

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