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15 boys opened the booklet I gave them and read a Bible verse from Isaiah 6, “I saw the Lord, sitting upon a throne…holy, holy, holy…the whole earth is full of His glory.” I began to explain by asking if they knew who Isaiah was. One 4th grader piped up, “Isaiah was a prophet who lived about 2,750 years ago.”

Wow, I did not expect to get such a specific answer. We kept reading and I asked if they could define the word “glory”. Again, the same student raised his hand, “God’s glory is His greatness.” I was blown away by his truth and discernment, so I asked, “How do you know so much about this verse?”

With a little smirk, he replied, “I read the answers on the back of the book.”

Instantly, all 15 boys flipped over the book to the glossary page and began shouting out definitions.

“Holy means special and set apart!” “Seraphim are fiery angels in God’s presence!” “Heavenly hosts are armies of angels!”

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Amidst the chaos, I thanked the Lord for sparking excitement and hunger in those boys to discover Truth in God’s Word.

Pray these boys would learn to read the Word on their own.

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