PHS MLM – from Stephanie

I love my job! I love Tuesdays! Tuesday is the day I attend school lunches at Person High School and then return at 3 for club. This year PHS MLM is going GREAT.
The volunteers at PHS are amazing. THANK YOU – Tara, Chris, Cortney, Justin, Jason, Mary Lou, Eric, Evelyn, Chase and Stephen. They are doing a fantastic job of carrying on when I am not there or if a volunteer is out. It’s a beautiful thing. Student leaders are meeting every week for an hour after club and praying and helping plan numerous activities. I am always pleasantly surprised that teens want to hang out with me anytime but it is especially encouraging when they hang around for an additional hour after club.
It seems that avoiding issues is a theme this year with several different students. From applying to college and filling out applications, to avoiding people who have hurt you, to avoiding medical issues. Avoiding doesn’t make the problem go away and in most cases the longer it lingers not dealt with the worse it gets.
The Bible says in Philippians 4:6 “do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God”. Oh to hear this and actually abide in it. I am a mom, I worry, and it’s in my DNA. It’s the same with MLM high students; they worry about how their parents will pay for college, the application process, who said what about them this week. So I say, “don’t worry, pray”. I probably say it about fifty times a week with twenty-five of those times to myself. Truth is we all worry.
Avoiding won’t change our problems and neither will worry. I have learned that most of the students learn by example, so I pray and invite them in to pray with me. Together, we lean on God.

Pray – Please pray for the funds to help support a winter retreat, that students feel the peace of prayer and not worry, and that I can lead by Godly example!

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