MLM The Warehouse – from Shiron Warehouse Director

There is a pretty consistent group of middle and high school students that stops by The Warehouse after school, which makes being relational easy. I’ve been able to form good relationships with these young men. Our relationships are growing daily and my desire is to use the bond and the trust that’s been created.


The first order of business for me was to expose the world’s system and how it’s set up for them to fail through division. As we sat down in a group, I spoke to them about the different ways the world creates division among people groups, political groups, economic groups, gender groups, etc. My goal was to show these young men that we can get more done together than we can apart. Satan’s desire is to create division among people in hopes of keeping them blind to the power that’s available when they become one. It was as if a light switch had been turned on for these young men. I instructed the students that we could stop Satan’s plan by showing loving kindness to everyone that crossed our paths. I encouraged them to change the way people saw them and their people group by is showing them loving kindness.

The very next day two high school males stepped outside to fight each other over a disagreement during a basketball game. I was very disappointed with them after pouring my heart out about Satan’s division and God’s lovingkindness. As I defused the situation and began to share with the two students, another student walked by and out of the blue said, “divide and conquer”. The student passing by overheard the conversation and recognized the reference immediately. That comment, made every second I spent talking to them concerning this matter well worth it.

In conclusion, we can get more done together than we can apart. Let’s become ONE! Will you help?  

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