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Our heart at MLM is to see students taught the love of Jesus in the context of loving relationships. Our clubs are conduits for those relationships. At MLM Equip our leaders have a mere 20 minutes a week in club to work on those relationships, so we desire to see our leaders invite students into their everyday lives outside of club. One of our leaders, Mrs. Ann Lawrence, has been able to do just that. On two separate occasions she has taken the initiative and had the opportunity to spend time with girls from her team.  Her girls love her and are grateful for the wisdom she speaks into their lives and the experience she can share through her own story. Ms. Ann is just one of many leaders attempting to get to know and disciple these students. See below for a list of ways you can be praying for this ministry.

Please pray for:

The 17 adult leaders for favor and wisdom as they attempt to build relationships and disciple students.

The approximately 50 students that show up every week to know and love Jesus.

The 10 teams to be unified and open to the moving of the Spirit of God.

The 23 meetings we have left this school year- for distractions and hindrances to be put away and the Holy Spirit to reside over and in us.

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