mlm club kickoff “I LOVE God stories”

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We began our seventh year of My Life Matters at South Elementary on Thursday. It take my breath away to consider what God has done over these years. Hundreds of leaders and students have seen God work redemption, in the midst of ordinary life, with His extraordinary power.

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As the students came rushing into the gym, one 4th grader who was new to My Life Matters exclaimed, “I had to come this year because I LOVE God stories.” He was bursting to tell me that now he would get to learn about God THREE TIMES every week.

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This year, as we have in the past, we look to the Lord to visit us with fresh hope and passion. Pray for us as we seek to know Him and walk with Him, and teach children to do the same.

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  1. Sandra Whitt

    What a wonderful report and wonder-filled time for the students as they hear of God’s love for them via the faithful staff and volunteers of YFC’s My Life Matters! Lord, give the increase to each seed planted this school year!

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