MLM Bethel Hill & South Elementary – from Susan and Tammy

In our first few weeks of MLM club, we learned that our lives matter because God made us and loves us. At the first club meeting, J, one of the boys on our 3rd grade yellow team, soberly said, “No, my life doesn’t matter.” In subsequent weeks, he was prone to make similar comments. Yesterday, I was pleased to hear him say something more positive, that God made him and his life matters. What a blessing to see God working in his heart!  – Susan Liggitt, Elementary Volunteer


I am so grateful that God has raised up volunteers who love Jesus and want children to know Jesus. The after school clubs wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have faithful volunteers.

Please pray for the hearts of the students to respond to God and that they won’t delay in coming to accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

Please pray for the students who know Jesus, to be lights for Him in their schools and homes and that they will continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

– Tammy Reilly, Elementary Site Director

Pray for the students as requested above.

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