“I just wanna follow and worship Him” – from Tammy


This young lady became a Christian last year and was faithfully coming to church with me, but then stopped coming and wasn’t communicating anymore. I kept praying for her, because I desired to see her be a life long follower of Jesus. I knew I couldn’t force her to follow Jesus or come to church.

Then this past Sunday I received this message from her that caused my heart to rejoice:

“Hey Mrs. Tammy, How Are You? Well I Would Have Like To Come To Church Today, But I Have A Basketball Game. I Play for AAU, But If Y’all Having Church service Next Sunday, I Would Like To Come  & Also You Was Talking About Something About Bible Study With You. I Would Like That But I Have To Check With My Coach On Days You Would Like To Have Them. & One More Thing, I Need Prayer, As I been Playing Basketball, I Have Been Finding Myself Farther Away From God. I Just Wanna Be Close To Him & I Just Wanna Follow & Worship Only Him, & Also Can You Pray For This Game I Have Today. Just Pray That We Have A Safe Game & Everybody Play Their Very Best, & Give All They Got.”


My Response:

“It is so good to hear from you! Yes, I will pray for you. I will be glad to give you a ride to church next Sunday. I know what you mean about wanting to be closer to God and only worship Him. There have been times in my life when I strayed away from God. God is always with us and He wants us to run back to Him, because He is so forgiving and so loving.

What day would work for you to have Bible study? I would like to meet once a week. The only days I couldn’t do it are Tuesdays and Thursdays. See you next Sunday!”

Please pray that God will allow a day and time that works for both of us to meet and work through a Bible Study together.

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  1. BetsyD

    That’s so exciting, Tammy! God is up to something wonderful in both you and her it sounds like! What a great encouragement to you to never give up praying. Thanks for sharing and encouraging us to do likewise.

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