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This year at Southern Middle, we’ve got a faithful group of students who come to our club that meets on Thursday mornings 7:30-8 in Room 606. We are a mixture, probably about half and half, of students who also come to our Tuesday afternoon Warehouse Club for all middle schools, and students who can’t make it to Tuesday afternoons. We’ve got a great team of adult leaders in Bekah, Casey, and Chris, and we take turns leading different parts of club. Even though it’s early, students come ready to eat candy, play games, and learn what God’s wisdom looks like in the book of Proverbs. Already this semester, we’ve been able to take advantage of an early release day, and the generosity of local believers, by spending the afternoon together on Hyco Lake.

That day was a great snapshot, for me, of what ministry often looks like. Leading up to the event, I was stressing over the details—where would we go? What would we eat? Would students come? Would they bring their permission forms? Would it rain all day? On and on and on. That morning my husband reminded me that God was in control of all the details, and that I should just be ready to receive what He had planned for that day. I did hear him, but I continued to struggle that morning, as detail after detail didn’t go as I’d planned. It poured all morning. I ended up driving a van I wasn’t as familiar with and couldn’t find the lights and wipers. Students showed up at the last minute, so I scrambled to make room for them in the van. All the way to the lake, it rained. I was…frustrated.

me-and-kathryn       bekah

As we drove up to the awesome house we were using for the day, the rain stopped and didn’t start again until we pulled back into the My Life Matters parking lot! The students got so excited when they saw the cool dock we were using, they ran to change into swimsuits as fast as they could. We played in the water for a long time together, and they had a blast! Just when they were done with swimming, we pulled out some games and started making brownie waffles. They loved the games, and LOVED the waffles. We finished eating our last waffle just in time to clean up together and head for the MLM Warehouse. They had so much fun together, several called parents to stay later at the Warehouse which was open until 6. It was a great day. My husband had been right. The details had not gone as I would have liked for a good portion of my day, but once I FINALLY let go of trying to control everything, I was delighted with the gifts God gave us that day. Now, if I can just remember this as I plan our next early release outing. A trip to a corn maze and pumpkin patch in just a couple weeks!

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