Faith Stories – from Andrew at RCS


Our small group at RCS has been meeting on Tuesday mornings to share faith stories and accomplish three things. First, we’re learning about ourselves. Do we actually have friendship with God, or just religious activity and a handful of spiritual events?

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Second, we’re learning to listen. We see that Jesus asked a lot of questions. Listening to others can be a selfless demonstration of love.

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Thirdly, we are seeing connecting points, the threads that tie our lives together, and reveal God’s presence and plan.

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It’s been a gift to lead this group with my Dad; to unpack pieces of our lives and remember our faith in Christ is the most meaningful connection we have.


Pray – for the students at RCS to see God’s hand at work through every conversation and classroom.

Give – to support My Life Matters Equip

Serve – as an adult coach Tuesday mornings before work. You can DO it. Really! (contact Amy)

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