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“I just don’t want to give up control.”

Tuesday night middle school club at the warehouse is full of energy and noise. Anytime you get 70 plus middle school students in one place after spending all day at school it is going to be loud. However, during all that noise and fun some quite deep conversations about life take place.


I was talking to a middle school student about his walk with Jesus. He knows all the facts. He attends church every week. His mom and dad love the Lord and are very involved in his life.  Yet he has never surrendered his heart to Jesus. I asked him why. “I just don’t want to give up control” was his reply. He said this not with arrogance but with a quiet voice as he dropped his head.

This young man understands the gospel and he also understands the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He knows that if he chooses to follow Jesus everything in his life will change and he must relinquish total control to Jesus. Does he believe in God? Sure, he does. Does he want to go to heaven? Who wouldn’t? But give Jesus control? He is just not ready.

Two people came to mind. First I thought of the rich young ruler and his encounter with Jesus. He counted the cost and the cost was just too high and he turned and walked away. The second person I thought of was myself 20 plus years ago. Older than this young man but faced with the very same decision. The difference was I had kept control of my life long enough totally make a mess of it. As I began to read God’s Word the Holy Spirit helped me to understand that the control I thought I had was simply a lie of Satan. The truth is we either serve God or Satan. I turned my life over to the Lord.  I wondered which path this young man will choose.

I thanked the young man for his totally honest answers and talked with him about the decision before him. I look forward to more conversations with this young man and the other middle school students who come on Tuesday night. I am encouraged by the adult and high school volunteers who I see having similar conversations with students each Tuesday night. I am encouraged by the young girl who accepted Christ as the result of her group leader sitting down one on one in free time and discussing her relationship with God. Please pray that this young lady will continue to grow in her love and knowledge of the Lord Jesus. Please pray for our other middle school students, volunteers and the conversations they have.

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