Building Trust and Friendship- from Andrew at Middle School Warehouse

tim-and-daniel tim-and-david

I sat in the very first middle school small group last week and watched Tim lead a group of boys. Some had been in his group before, while others had only known Tim from a distance. I could see right away how Tim had proven his love over the years and built trust with some of those students.

tim-and-dalton tim-and-aj

When Daniel saw I had a camera he jumped up and said, “I need a picture with my homie, Tim.” So I snapped the photo. Then, spontaneously, student after student ran over to get their picture with Tim. One boy remained in his seat; it was his first day in Tim’s group, and he was still waiting to be won over.


I know Tim will faithfully work to show love. To teach with actions as much as words.

The saying is true, “They don’t CARE how much you know until they KNOW how much you care.”

This is how the Lord works. Are we awed by the fire and wind and earthquake, or drawn in by the still, small whisper and the truth that God himself has come to live among us?

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